Foundations of Strategic Management

HSA 599: Week 1 Discussion (1) – Foundations of Strategic Management

 Analyze the concepts of strategic planning and strategic management. Determine two fundamental differences between the concepts that youhave analyzed, and provide one example of strategic management and oneexample of strategic planning as they relate to healthcareorganizations.

Examine the concepts of analytical and emergent approaches tostrategic management. Next, imagine that you are a hospitaladministrator. Determine which of the two approaches–analytical oremergent–would be more effective in planning to expand services tosurrounding communities. Provide an example of the type of informationthat would be necessary when using the approach that you have deemed tobe more effective.

HSA 599 Week 1 Discussion (2) – Developing a Strategic Plan

Examine the strategic planning process. Imagine that yourorganization is planning to build a pediatric clinic. Determine oneexternal factor and one internal factor that you should consider in thestrategic planning of the clinic.

Determine three reasons why strategic plans fail. Recommend astrategy to overcome each of the reasons you identified and includeconcepts from the weekly reading.


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