For this Individual Project, you will modify and manipulate

For this Individual Project, you will modify and manipulate the downloadable document called COMP101_U1_IP_Document.docx.  Follow the directions below and within the downloaded document to complete the tasks listed. Review the grading rubric to be sure you have completed all of the steps before submission.Click here to download your Individual Project document and complete the following steps:Step 1: On your computer on your c:/ (or d:/) drive, create a folder named ‘AIU Courses.’ Under that folder, create a subfolder named ‘COMP101’ (both without quotes). Use this folder to store all of your assignments and materials for this course.Step 2: Download the document, COMP101_U1_IP_Document.docx, to your computer and save the document on your hard drive in the COMP101 folder you created in step 1.Step 3: Open the Word program on your computer. Under the File tab, click on ‘Open’ and navigate to your c:/AIU Courses/COMP101 folder. Double-click on the COMP101_U1_IP_Document.docx file you created in Step 2. The COMP101 IP_Document.docx should open in the Word program.Step 4: Under the File tab, use the ‘Save As’ function to save your Unit 1 IP document to your c:/AIU Courses/COMP101 with the following file name: (your last name_your first name)_U1_IP.docx (e.g., Doe_John_U1_IP.docx). It is not necessary to type the file extension; your computer will add that automatically; the file extension is the part of the filename that includes the period and 3-4 characters after the period.Step 5: Navigate to the Review ribbon at the top of the page and turn on Track Changes for this document. Leave Track Changes on throughout the rest of these steps.Step 6: Type your name in the Name Field of Part 1; you do not need to complete the rest of part 1. Using the ‘Insert Comment’ on the Review ribbon, insert a comment at the line marked ‘Name: __________’ stating ‘This is my correct name.’Step 7: On the Page Layout ribbon, set the margins to 1’ on all four sides for this document.Step 8: You will notice on the Home ribbon that the ‘Show paragraph marks and other hidden formatting symbols’ look like a backwards P. Turn this feature off by unselecting that icon so that the formatting symbols do not appear. If the feature is already off, leave it off.Step 9: For the entire Paragraph 1 in Part 2, change the line spacing to double-spacing by clicking and dragging your mouse to select the entire paragraph 1 of Part 2 only and then selecting the correct function in the Paragraph section of the Home ribbon.Step 10: Copy the entire Paragraph 2 to the clipboard and paste this paragraph to the end of the document.Step 11: Cut Paragraph 3 out of the document and paste it to the end of the document.Step 12: Click and drag  your mouse to select all of Paragraph 4 and change its font to Times New Roman with 14-point type.Step 13: On the Review ribbon, click on ‘Check Spelling and Grammar,’ and correct all spelling and grammar errors. For spelling, any word that is underlined with a wavy red line may be misspelled; put the cursor on the suspected misspelled word and right-click your mouse to see the spell checker’s suggested word spellings; choose the correct one from that list. For grammar, words may be underlined with a wavy green line. You can also use the Spelling & Grammar button in the Review tab, or click F7.Step 14: Change ‘Part 1’ and ‘Part 2’ to the Heading 1 style, and then center them on the page. Do this for the Headings only, not the entire section.Step 15: Use the Find and Replace functions to find and replace all occurrences of ‘IP’ with ‘Individual Project’ except the ones in Paragraph 6.Step 16: Make the entire Paragraph 5 bold and italics with the Arial 12-point type.Step 17: Make Paragraph 6 a hanging indent paragraph. The first line of a hanging indent is flush left, the rest of the paragraph is indented.Step 18: Save your Unit 1 IP to your c:/AIU Courses/COMP101 folder as (your last name_your first name)_U1_IP.docx in the Unit 1 Submissions area (e.g., Doe_John_U1_IP.docx). It is not necessary to type the file extension; your computer will add that automatically; the file extension is the part of the filename that includes the period and 3-4 characters after the period.Submit your completed Unit 1 IP to the Unit 1 Submission area.For information on Macintosh Word shortcuts, click here.To search the library, do the following:Click ‘Search Library.’Click on ‘Find Web Resources.’Click the plus sign, and go to ‘Personal Interests.’Please submit your assignment.