Final Paper for International Relations Class Global Politi

Final Paper for International Relations Class: Global Political Econ/Knowledgable EconTopic:“Using Dicken’s framework compare and contrast two industries/ sectors of the global economy that we have covered but you have not addressed in your analysis paper. Be sure to thoroughly address aspects of knowledge and technology in your analysis”7pages/MLA Style/ You ONLY CAN USE the PPTs I sent to you (Tell me your email plz, I will send u the PPTs via email), and the BOOK: Global Shift: Mapping the Changing Contours of the World Econ by Peter Dicken (you can find it on google scholar). NO outside Materials can be used. Answer the prompt in a single, structured response starting with a clear position/ argument, supported by reason and fact, utilizing insights from the lectures/ readings, and responses to counterarguments.Do not use outside materials but do use citations where appropriate (in-text, footnotes, and end notes are all acceptable).This is an individual exercise. Group collaborations are prohibited and will be considered violations of the university’s policy concerning original and individual work. I am available to answer any questions you have concerning the material we have covered but will not respond to direct questions pertaining to the assignment.Your response should be between five and seven double-spaced pages and follow the general guidelines for effective essay writing