Federal Elections over the Internet

Should people be allowed to vote in federal elections over the Internet? How might this be done? What advantages might such a reform have (e.g. increasing voter turnout, convenience)? What problems might arise (e.g. fraud)? Could the problems be solved? If not, would the benefits outweigh the possible problems? The term paper is expected to be 6-8, full double-spaced typewritten pages in length (the cover page, pictures, maps, diagrams and bibliography are not included in the page count) using a 12-point font, in an easy-to-read, typeface. Margins may be no larger than one inch.  The cover sheet should identify your topic, and include your name, the date submitted, and your section instructor’s name.  Each student will use a minimum of 5 scholarly resources. Encyclopedia (print or electronic) may be consulted, and included in your bibliography but cannot be one of your 5 resources.  Every student’s paper must have a bibliography, prepared in APA or MLA format.  The Internet should be searched for maps, plans, or photographic illustrations to support your narrative. A minimum of one Internet source must be included in your paper. However, Internet sources are limited to a total of three.  The bibliography must contain a MINIMUM of:  Two primary resources  Three resources from the course One news source Two scholarly, academic journals