excel graph


Question.1: In this assignment you need to plot graphs on excel for below?

1. Linearity 

2. Accuracy 

3. Precision

4. Range

5. Specificity 

· All data or numbers required for graph and calculations are in attached excel file.

· You can check online and for above 5. And if needed please add Colum and rows in excel.

· For more information about (how do I get results )see below in reference section .

Linearity Testing Results

Work to be done: For triplicate readings (see attached excel sheet) from each operator at each standard ‘% NaCl’ concentration, plot a graph of the calculated potentiometer reading (y-axis) versus the corresponding standard NaCl solution concentration used (x-axis) in MS Excel and calculate the following from the graph:

– Correlation coefficient

– Slope of Regression Line

– Y-intercept

– Standard Deviation (SD)

– Relative Standard Deviation (RSD)