Examine the variables in the data file “cjGSS1.sav” in t

Examine the variables in the data file “cjGSS1.sav” in terms of their labels and values. Develop a research paper with the five sections described in the following. Introduction: The purpose of the paper. Rewrite this section after completing Sections 2-5.Research Hypotheses:Choose one from the following three variables to be the dependent variable for three alternative hypotheses you will establish. GrassFearGunlawChoose three other variables in cjGSS1.sav to establish three research hypotheses with the same dependent variable you have selected. Each hypothesis should state clearly the direction of the relationship between the pair of variables.Methods – Secondary Data Analysis: Provide a brief description, in about half a page, of the secondary data GSS in terms of 1) who collected the data, 2) the purpose of the data collection program, 3) data collection method (e.g., Experimentation? Self-administered survey?), 4) the study population (i.e., who does the sample represent), and 5) sampling in terms of sample type (e.g., probability/random or none probability/non random?), and 6) sample size [The answers to these questions can be found in 2.2 – 2.5 in the textbook).    ResultsSample characteristics: Report the characteristics of the sample on the basis of the descriptive statistics in a reconstructed table including AGE, RACE, SEX, EDC, INCOMEof the respondents. (Hint: Perform descriptive statistics on these variables according to the nature of each variable).  The following is an example as how to create a reconstructed table about the sample. (Note: The table is created in Word rather than in SPSS) Describe statistical methods you will use to test your three research hypotheses. (Hint: Determine the level of measurement for the variables in each your three hypotheses (in terms of categorical/discrete or continuous/scale.).Findings of hypothesis testing: Report the results of the observed existence, strength and direction of the relationship (Insert the proper table to where you report the statistics.). (First, perform proper bivariate statistical analysis to test each alternative hypothesis against the H0). Mind you, the statistical test you should perform for the association between categorical variables should be Chi-Square test in addition to crosstabs. See Module 8 lectures.).Discussions and conclusion: Do the data bear evidence that support your hypotheses? Are there any surprises or unexpected results?References in APA formatting