Events and/or experiences in life can bump us off our normal

Events and/or experiences in life can bump us off our normal human developmental trajectory. As a human service provider, you may have the opportunity to use a variety of interventions. An intervention is something you do with a client that helps them get “back on track.”  For example: This assignment will give you an opportunity to practice an intervention skill. You are asked to do the following:Ask someone you know to act as your client in this learning process.  Your volunteer must be willing to play the part of a client with an issue that will be presented in the intervention session.The session should last approximately 30 minutes. (± 5 min)During the session, you need to demonstrate the following skill:Statement of encouragement to identify one or more client strengthsUse Reflective listeningUse of open questionsUse an intervention with the clientVideo record your counseling intervention with your client When setting up the video recorder, please position the camera so that both you and your “client’s/friend’s” faces are visible.Along with  a copy of the file, please submit a written overview using the following format:Background:Indicate the name of your client (alias name only)Describe the client profile (e.g., age, race, appearance during session, other relevant contextual information)Identify the client’s goal(s) for the sessionAny other relevant information about the clientContext:Describe the physical surroundings of where the session is heldIndicate the general mood of your client before, during, and following the sessionWhat visible clues reaffirm or concern you as you have counseled the clientDescribe the content of the session (e.g., topics discussed)Describe the client’s hopes/fearsDescribe the client’s response to the information discussedDescribe your own thoughts and feelings during this experienuse one of the standard formats such as .wmv, .avi, .mp4, and .mov.