Essay writing

I need 2 pages ÿeach for 2 people (Ansswer same question).ÿNo spinning or paraphrasing, both should be originalSo 2 word documents, 2 pages eachÿReferences should only be as described by the Question.ÿAlso,ÿ the facts that should be used along with sources from scholarly sites (.edu, .gov, or .org )ÿAccording to National Survey on Drug Use and Health (2010) more than 2.4 million Americans use prescription drugs non-medically. Additionally more than 70% of Americans are on some form of prescription drugs (, 2009). Given the information obtained in the lesson pertaining to substance abuse and medicine, analyze why these phenomenons exist in the United States. Also, is the pharmaceutical industry inadvertently fueling the substance abuse problem? Support with facts.Students should limit their resources to scholarly sites ( .edu, .gov, or .org ) journal articles, reputable news media, or books and should still be presented in APA citation format (in-text citations and a reference list).