essay 3 pagesthis is a brief paper on the Maturity Benchmark

essay 3 pagesthis is a brief paper on the Maturity Benchmarks material, inclusive of the Appendix. Take a stand. It may be on a part of the material about which you were concerned, or found useful, or an idea about how it might be improved, etc. The six major parts are all ‘fair game:’ (a) the introduction, (b) systems about student learning, (c) relevant psychological benchmarks, (d) classroom learning experiences, (e) relevant culture and community contexts, and/or (f) the attempt to summarize the alignment of some system in the Appendix. Should you choose to be constructively critical, that will be fine–in fact, it will probably help the professor. Any topic you select to write about on the benchmarks material will be appropriate; just make sure you submit your best work, and that your paper is convincing. Be sure to briefly state your perspective first, and justify it.        For this assignment, ‘fluff’ pages of a normal should not appear ( title page, abstract, table of contents). Just include the title as the first line on the first page, in bold and centered, than skip a line and begin your narrative.Attachments: maturity_benchmarks.doc fematuration_1.docx