Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

People lives their lives day to day with little consideration of the impact of their

actions. This writing project will focus on how reducing this impact can be taken to the

extreme, evaluating your personal impact on the environment, and understanding some simple

solutions to make things better.


Watch “No Impact Man” film

Available to stream through the USF Library

Available through Course Reserves on Canvas

Calculate your carbon footprint at the Berkeley CoolClimate website http://coolclimate.berkeley.edu/calculator

Use the “Advanced” setting for Travel and Shopping

Take the Sustainable Synergy, Inc. “How Green Are You?” quiz


Write a combined reaction paper

How do you feel about what you are seeing in the documentary?

With what do you agree or disagree?

Can you identify with anything in the documentary?

Reflect on what you have watched in the documentary and what you have

discovered about your own carbon emissions and eco-footprint.

The Berkeley CoolClimate website provides you with some ideas on what you can

do to reduce your energy usage and carbon footprint below the graph at the end

of the quiz.


The reaction paper should be your reactions, but must also include:

A summary of the documentary (identify the key points highlighted in the


Naming and discussing at least 5 issues raised in the documentary

A brief discussion of your carbon calculator inputs and results

Include resulting graphs from carbon footprint calculator at the end of the


Use screenshot






brief discussion

of your eco-footprint calculator inputs and results

Your final combined reaction to the documentary and the results of calculating

your carbon footprint and the “How Green Are You?” quiz


Include a “Works Cited” page only if you use sources other than the film and two

quiz websites

Use in-text citations for any information obtained from these sources

Use Author-Date citations (Harvard Method)


MLA format

5-7 pages (Not including image of graph or Works Cited section)

Times New Roman font


1-inch margins

12-point font

No quotations.

Indent each paragraph

No extra spacing between paragraphs

.doc, .docx, or .pdf format

Paper written as a response paper and not a series of short-answer questions