discussion post – Good Answers

discussion post – Good Answers

Do a main discussion post and a reply to someone elses discusssion post
ive included. Be sure to label the main post and reply to students post.
this is over the book Frankenstein which ive included. here is the link
to the egg: http://www.galactanet.com/oneoff/theegg_mod.html
Instructions from teacher:
So now that you’re reading a “classic,” how are you finding Frankenstein? Is it what you imagined? Fewer nuts and bolts, maybe?

Torch-wielding villagers mistake the names of subjects and titles, including Frankenstein’s unnamed creature.

Use this thread to post, quote, paraphrase, summarize, question, answer,
and/or share your thoughts on our first novel, Frankenstein, by Mary
Shelley. We’re reading this text over the first three weeks of the
class, so don’t feel like you need to save all your ideas for a single
post. Hop online if only to quote your favorite lines from the novel. If
you don’t know where to begin on this thread, consider the following:

Ask questions or offer your opinions about the novel’s…
Who is Mary Shelley?
Plot/central conflict
Secondary conflicts
Who are all these people, anyway?
Other literary devices or generic conventions
Is this really science fiction, or is it Gothic horror?
Discuss the story’s techno-historical period
What do you know about early 19th century science?
What was the social and political climate of the region?
Quote your favorite passages and selections
Offer insights and interpretations
Make connections to other media
If you’ve completed “The Egg,” (Links to an external site.)Links to an
external site. by Andy Weir, and Lesson 01.02 (Links to an external
site.)Links to an external site., add your thoughts to the discussion
Comment on one another’s posts
Answer any questions you know

This thread is evaluated on earnest participation. Relevant
contributions to the conversation merit the highest scores: quality
posts are substantial, thoughtful, and comprehensive. Full participation
includes replying to at least one other participant. Because you must
post before you can see replies–and because participants may complete
this at different times–you may have to visit this thread multiple
times to post a reply.

Don’t hesitate to “like” each other’s posts by clicking the thumbs up
icon. Those with the most will be sorted to the top, representing
questions or thoughts of the consensus.

Students Post:
Feb 5 at 9:29am
New Thoughts on Frankenstein and The Man That Was Used Up

Are monsters born or made?
I would say, if by monster you mean having an ill intent and corrupted
morals, then monsters are made. They are made due to actions that they
subject themselves to as well as what others subject them to. A person
might become a monster if they are always treated horribly. Or, a person
could also become a monster if they decided to commit atrocities that
alter their view of themselves in such a radical way that they then
become something far worse than before, namely, a monster. In any case,
both of these ways show that you are not born a monster but rather
formed into one. Although, if by monster you mean having an ugly outward
appearance, then monsters can indeed be made this way. Undoubtedly,
Frankenstein has the worst of both worlds in that he is made extremely
ugly, treated harshly from the start, and as a result of this goes on to
commit horrible actions. By the end of the story, he truly is a monster
in all senses of the word. Even so, I feel that he could have redeemed
himself from the status of “monster” by choosing to repent and do what
is just. However, this never happens.
Can people be put back together?
This is a very interesting question and I would have to say that people
can be put back together, but they are never the same person as they
used to be. In other words, they are substantially the same organism,
but they may be a very different person. What makes up a person? It’s
more than just the parts that compose them. A lot of people would
consider the emotional component of someone to be part of the person as
well as a number of other things. Therefore, more properly speaking, an
organism can be put back together but a person cannot due to the fact
that they will have incurred some changes. Even so, they will still be
substantially the same organism.
Is the Frankenstein an early model of artificial intelligence?
I would say that Frankenstein is not a true model of artificial
intelligence due to the current definition of the term. Every decade or
so the term artificial intelligence gains certain meanings that it
didn’t previously have. For example, artificial intelligence used to
mean that a stoplight was able to change colors on its own. Although,
today we would consider this an automated system that is not quote on
quote artificially intelligent. Today, the term artificial intelligence
is most commonly used to refer to advanced machine learning algorithms
being tested to perform certain tasks. Some of these algorithms are what
the industry calls general algorithms meaning that they can be applied
to a number of situations without having to undergo major tweaks to the
algorithm itself. Now, with regards to Frankenstein, he is most
definitely not these newer definitions of artificial intelligence. He is
rather just an artificially created organic being. Notice that in the
story Victor Frankenstein does not himself imbue the monster with
rational faculties. He merely combines certain external components and
then uses electricity to bring to life this creation. Even so, Mary
Shelley is quite vague on what exactly occurs here so someone could make
an argument saying that he did imbue this creature with some rational
faculties. Although, I find this a stretch due to the fact that it never
describes in detail this as well as the fact that a case could be made
that the rational faculties of a human being, aka the mind, are
immaterial and not part of the brain. This is a very intriguing topic
which has much philosophical works written on it and it’s definitely
something worthwhile to look into.
What rights should a “created” individual have, if any? Are creations owed anything by their makers?
If a created individual is an organic being then it should have some
rights afforded to it. If the being is sentient then it should be
afforded the same rights that we give animals and plants. However, if
the being has rational faculties then it should be afforded the same
rights or almost the same rights as human beings. Now with regards to
the question of whether creations are owed anything. If they are
mechanical contraptions then I do not believe they are owed anything.
However, if they were sentient and rational beings, they would be
afforded certain rights.
Are humans parents or caretakers? Stewards? Gods? Ancient ancestors?
If we were able to create a sentient being that was rational I do not
think it would really care about us too much unless we were impeding its
ability to grow at which point it would turn on us. Otherwise, I think
the being would be uninterested in knowledge except for the fact that we
were creatures it would be able to observe. It would probably care no
more for us than any other animal. Even so, it might be questioning why
we rule over the animal kingdom above all other animals.
Favorite/Interesting Quotes
If he were vanquished, I should be a free man. Alas! What freedom? Such
as the peasant enjoys when his family have been massacred before his
eyes, his cottage burnt, his lands laid waste, and he is turned adrift,
homeless, penniless, and alone, but free.
Being free from the monster will not free Victor from the pain and suffering he has endured (139).
But revenge kept me alive; (149)
How terrible it must be to live with only revenge keeping oneself alive.
How did I cling to their dear forms, as sometimes they haunted even my
waking hours, and persuade myself that they still lived! (151)
Does he see their ghost or are these just hallucinations?
Your toils only begin; wrap yourself in furs and provide food, for we
shall soon enter upon a journey where your sufferings will satisfy my
everlasting hatred.’ (152)
Just as Victor is “kept alive by revenge”, so also is the monster.
When I reflected on the work I had completed, no less a one than the
creation of a sensitive and rational animal, I could not rank myself
with the herd of common projectors. (155)
Victor did what others could only dream of an created an organic
rational being which put his accomplishments far above that of everyone

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