Discuss values Consistent With Social Work Practice.

Discuss values Consistent With Social Work Practice.

Respond to at least two colleagues with a critique of their posts and alternative recommendations for how you as a social worker might respond to Mary and her beliefs. Be specific and provide examples from the case.
Also, identify specific skills social workers might employ.
References (use at least 1)

Colleague 1:

Mary believed in her mind that she has lost her dignity and value by going out with a married man who also is an African American. Mary came from a family resent the colored minorities based on personal vendetta against the colored population (Plummer, Maris, & Brock sen, 2014).

“Border pat rollers” has the perpetrators of multiracial discriminators are called (Adams et al., 2013, pp.101) has created an identity within which they are recognized and given priority in terms of education, medical and infrastructural amenities within our society. Discrimination against African-American dates back as early as1850s where there was segregation between white and African-American and till today despite government laws against white supremacy or white privileges, our mentality still remains questionable in terms of societal norms as regards multiracial discrimination and privileges. Despite campaigns against discrimination, African-American still face resentment and biases in selection procedure and work places.

Working with Mary was at the micro level of intervention (Plummer ET AL., 2013), Social workers should strive to empower the client through self-awareness, education, and also, using the strength based perspective to create positive acceptance of the multiracial or colored groups in our society. Social worker must practice without prejudice or biases and must strive to empower the oppressed or victims of social inequalities (National Association of Social Workers, 2007). Mary must first understand that relationship should not be based on color or racial identity but rather connection.


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