Contemporary World LiteratureThe Norton Anthology of World

Contemporary World LiteratureThe Norton Anthology of World Literature Franz Kafka. The Metamorphosis, p. 207 A lot of interpretation of literature depends on a reader’s expectation. For example, it is likely that once you beganThe Metamorphosisand learned that Gregor had been hideously transformed into a monster insect, you thought that you were going to be reading a horror story or work of science fiction. Thus, you expected certain things to happen, namely the events associated with those genres: horrified surprise, people running away in fright, and so on. Did any of the characters in the actual story act in this manner? What was the nature their general reaction, and how did they differ from what you would normally expect? In your discussion, be specific and refer to examples from the story.Please make this 1-2 paragraphs and in APA format.Please include a reference page and site sources within the paper.