Competitor Analysis

HSA 599 Week 3 Discussion (1) – Competitor Analysis

Examine service categories commonly provided by nursing homes.Determine two specific service categories that you believe are commonfactors of competition among nursing homes. Justify your response.

Analyze the main service area factors for healthcare organizationsfactors. Suggest two consumer factors and two service area factors thatcould provide a competitive advantage to a walk-in clinic.

HSA 599 Week 3 Discussion (2) – Conducting a Competitor Analysis

Examine three barriers that you believe represent the mostsignificant obstacles to an effective competitor analysis. Propose astrategy to overcome each of the three barriers that you haveidentified.

From the e-Activity, analyze Michael Porter’s technique for acompetitive analysis. Determine one factor for each of Porter’s fiveforces of an environmental analysis that apply to the organization thatyou selected.


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