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What you will write
You are assigned specific scenes from movies we have watched so far, and you will explain how the films highlight historical development or policy shifts in the People’s Republic of China since 1949. Generally speaking, assume you are writing to an audience without much knowledge of China, and you explain how the films give a sketch history of trends and policies to the present date. At the same time, you need to give brief descriptions of the assigned scenes, and if possible explain how the scenes fit into the films overall. Do not attempt to treat the films in their entireties, but when you introduce each scene, give some details of the film (name of film and a skeletal statement of the story).

You are not being asked whether you “like” or “dislike” the film, and you are not asked to write a comparison/contrast. If you do incorporate relevant use of music, soundtrack, narrative structure, camera, irony; this is a plus.

3 pages. You are graded on quality and covering the topics, not length.
Required scenes
Tian’anmen – Bathhouse – Clip 4.
Sunflower – Announcement of Mao’s Death – First minute of clip 3
To Live: Any scene of your choice.
Legend of Tianyun Mountain – Light Music – Clip 5 –(You don’t have to mention every detail of Song Wei and Wu Yao’s conversation, but the gist is important).
Ermo – Any scene of your choice
You must have these scenes.
Getting Started
Avoid using “I.” But if you wish to start the essay informally you could start like this: “This semester I am enrolled in a course about contemporary China. Many of the films we view can be discussed on artistic criteria, but the films all revolve around distinct periods of Chinese history, and can be used to discuss some important changes since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China.” Afterwards, avoid writing in the first person.


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