Chapter Exam

POL 100 Exam #2– 100 points—Due March 28, 2018 at 11:59PM

From The Economist: (5 points each—15 points total)

1) Issue Feb. 17, 2018

Discuss the reasons that The Democratic Republic of Congo might be heading into a renewed civil war. What were the results of the war there from 1998-2003? What countries were involved and how many causalities were from the war? In the article Paul Collier stated that the Congo has three of the four factors that led to conflict. What are they? (5 points)

2) Issue Feb. 24, 2018

In class we discussed the latest news from the Civil War in Syria. From the Feb. 24 issue of The Economist write a paragraph reviewing the article “Syria’s Civil War: Hotting up again.” How has the demise of ISIS in Syria changed the strategy of President Bashir Assad? How does the author suggest that this new strategy will impact the countries involved in Syrian conflict? (5 points)

From class discussion: (5 points)

1) In class we discussed the decision by the Trump administration to implement tariffs on steel and aluminum. The main reason that prompted this action was the trade deficit. In the two short You Tube videos discussed in class “Is the US Trade Deficit a Problem” and “The trade deficit: Does it really matter” answer the following questions. What is a trade deficit? What is a tariff? What impact does the trade deficit have on the US economy? (5 points)

From the videos and class discussion (5 points each—25 points total)

1) Write a paragraph about each of the following State Department designated terrorist groups: Please watch the video after each group on YouTube.

a) Irish Republican Army (IRA)—video—What is the Irish Republican Army (IRA)

b) LTTE (Tamil Tigers)—video—History of the war in Sri Lanka (BBC)

c) ETA (Basque Fatherland and Liberty)—video—Who are ETA?- Truthloader

d) Hamas —video—what is Hamas and why are they at war with Israel?

e) Hezbollah—video—what is Hezbollah and what do they want in Israel?

From Political Theories (10 points total)

1) According to the video, posted on the module, what are the similarities and differences between communism and socialism? (5 points)

2) According to the video, posted on the module, what are the main points of the political ideology termed anarchy? (5 points)

From “The Americas” PowerPoint and YouTube videos: (25 points total)

1) List the challenges that the United States and the Trump administration have to deal with in the next four years. (5 points)

2) What are the reasons that some argue are essential for building the Keystone XL pipeline? Why are some opposed to this? (5 points)

3) Describe NAFTA. What was its purpose when it first come together in 1994? (5 points)

4) Who are the biggest political parties in Mexico? Who is the president of Mexico today and when is the next presidential election in Mexico? Describe the relationship between the Trump administration and Mexico and Trump’s position on building a wall on the border? (5 points)

5) From the videos “Has the nature of Canada –U.S. relations changed” and “What is the future of US-Canada relations” what are the main challenges and issues of Canada and their relations with the United States during the Trump administration? (5 points)

6) From The PowerPoint and the “Geopolitical Analysis 2017: South America” describe the following countries: (5 points each—25 points total)

a) Peru

b) Bolivia

c) Colombia

d) Venezuela

e) Brazil