Chemistry Questions-Please show all steps to get the answer

***Please show your work for each step how to arrive at the answer***



1. What mass of sucrose (C12H22O11) would you combine with 5.00 x 10 square grams of water to make a solution with an osmotic pressure of 8.55atm at 298 K? (Assume aa density of 1.0 g/mL for the solution).


2. Calculate the freezing point and boiling points

a.  10.5g FeCl3 in 1.50 x 10 square grams water

b. 3.5% KCl by mass (in water)

c. 0.150 m MgF2







Write a five-paragraph rese arch paper on a chemist or a biochemist , focused on the following:

•  Field within  Chem  /  BioChemistry . •  Early life- place of birth, education, how they got involved in science. •  Greatest accomplishment and how it advanced their field •  Ways in which their discoveries and inventions improved the world. •  Any controversies surrounding their work •  Final events.



•  Your paper must include an introductory paragraph (with a strong thesis

statement ) and a concluding paragraph. You must also have a sources page .

•  You will be required to use at least three different sources: One  encyclopedia

( book  or online), one valid  Internet  source, and one additional source which may

be  a  book ,  magazine ,  newspaper , or  interview . 

•  You will create a title page following the given format. No word art.

•  Type your paper i n Times New Roman, size 12 font, with single spacing  and   upto  700 words.

•  You must use your own words. “Cut and Paste” is plagiarism and is not

acceptable .



General Chemistry 2


I need help with general chemistry 2 aleks. I have assissment and based on the correct answers. I get to the rquired topic whic it’s 60 of 65 topics. Assissment’s questions around 30 and I aleardy done of 10 Q’s.


I need someone’s familiar with aleks so she/he can work on it.