Cassandra Case Study

Cassandra Case Study

Cassandra Jones is a 23-year-old female from Los Angeles, California, and was recently admitted to the county jail for stealing a purse at a coffee shop. She is unmarried and has a 4-year-old son who is being cared for by her mother. Cassandra completed 10th grade, but she did not graduate from high school. She has worked as a cashier at a grocery store in the past but was terminated for not showing up to work.

Cassandra has reported using heroin in the past but reports that she has not used the substance for approximately 8 months. Cassandra also reported intermittent alcohol use but does not believe that she abuses the substance.

Cassandra has 2 close friends who she considers to be like sisters. She reported that they spend quite a bit of time together, as they live in the same studio apartment. Both friends were arrested at the same time as Cassandra and have entered the same correctional facility with the same charges.

Cassandra has been arrested 2 times in the past: once for possession of heroin, and once for theft. She served her time for both charges and was released.

She reported feelings of depression and anxiety but has not received any formal treatment. She reported no other history of mental illness and has shown no history of violence towards herself or others.

Note. This assignment serves as the basis for the Week 4 Treatment Plan and Facilitation Skills assignment.

Risk and needs assessment is a key process that must occur to determine what programs may assist each individual. In this assignment, you will review a case study and identify the risk and needs for this individual based on the information provided.

You are part of a team of case managers who must determine the proper program placement for individuals involved with the correctional system.

Review the Cassandra Case Study.

Determine the risks, and research the needs of this individual based on the information in the scenario.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word report describing how the risk and needs assessment will influence the case management and treatment planning for the individual in the case study. Include the following:

· Briefly summarize the main components of the scenario that you see are the most important items to consider in this individual’s treatment.

· Describe the risks and needs of this individual based on the research you conducted.

· Describe how the information about this individual’s risk and needs relates to the individual’s treatment.

Cite a minimum of two sources.

Format your report according to APA guidelines.

Submit your completed report to the Assignment Files tab.


Treatment Plan and Facilitation Skills Report


Review the Cassandra Case Study along with your completed Risk and Needs Assessment Report assignment from Week 2.

Conduct research to determine treatment programs that will meet the individual’s identified needs based on both the information in the case study and in your assessment of needs.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word report on your plan for working with this individual. Include the following:

· Describe the treatment and program needs of the individual in the case study.

· Describe two to three correctional programs for this individual, based on identified needs.

· Explain the role of the helping process in correctional programs for this individual.

· Identify the types of skills needed to facilitate the helping process with assisting this individual through the program.

Cite a minimum of 2 sources.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Submit your paper to the Assignment Files tab.

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