Assignment 2: RA 2: Theoretical Orientation Development Plan Paper


Conduct research and create a paper presenting and supporting your personal counseling theoretical preference (choosing from the major theories studied in this course). You should conduct a computerized literature search on the particular theoretical approach that feels like the best fit. Remember to select a theory that aligns with your worldview and your perspective of the best therapeutic relationship. References should be from empirical/scholarly works that support and further define the position. You should include the following in your paper: Summarize the fundamental elements of your theory of choice, including definitions of important terms and major historical figures associated with the theory. Explain how your personal worldview (e.g., core beliefs about others and the world) connects to your theory of choice. Explain how the therapeutic relationship aligns with your interpersonal style. Discuss how your theory of choice addresses the multicultural nature of our diversity. Present support for the effectiveness of your chosen theoretical approach by examining and analyzing the existing efficacy-based research. Include findings across age groups, gender, or multicultural groups.

this is a four page paper no plag or grammar mistakes APA format