As you have likely discovered throughout the course, many cr

As you have likely discovered throughout the course, many criteria lead to success with service learning innovations. Evaluating all learning is important, but with service learning, it is imperative. Consistent with all project-based learning, ensuring that learning remains the primary goal requires careful planning and evaluation. This week, you will continue to revise your Service Learning Strategy Project Plan. You will add your initial thoughts about how the evaluation of the project will strengthen your project plan. For this Assignment, you will consider all the outcomes you hope to accomplish with service learning and align them with your evaluation plan.To prepareReview this week’s Discussion feedback and the toolkit provided in this week’s Learning Resources.To submitConstruct a 3- to 5-page paper describing the plan you will use to evaluate your Service Learning Strategy Project (my service learning strategy project topic is attached labeled discussion 7)Organize your work to include an explanation of the following:How reflection will play a role in the evaluationWhich project outcomes will be evaluated by which meansHow each group of stakeholders will be involved in determining project success (e.g., students, community partners, parents, others as appropriate)Length: 3–5 pages