Answer the following questions APA format please wit refere

Answer the following questions: APA format please wit references What is your list of appropriate differential diagnoses and why? What is the final diagnosis and what assessment findings serve to support this? What are the specific auscultation palpation findings of the abdomen that are normal versus abnormal? Name: J. C Age: 22 years Sex: M Height: 5′ 11′ Weight: 180 pounds (BMI 25.1) Temperature: 37.0 C (oral) Pulse: 92 bpm – regular Blood pressure: 114/72 mmHgo Respiratory rate: 16 bpm SpO2: 98% on room air Chief complaint: Abdominal pain when at rest, scale 6 around his belly button. Present illness: Patient stated “ May be the turkey sandwich he ate for lunch, that causing the stomach” General Appearance: Skin: Warm, dry Movement: lying still Don’t remember last bowel movement, but have normal amount. Have bowel a couple of times a day before abdominal pain start. Past Medical History: Cough and tummy ache Allergies: None Immunization: Flu shot