Answer the following question in a one-page paperCiting spe

Answer the following question in a one-page paper:Citing specific evidence from Machiavelli’s The Prince (not from the textbook), identify, and briefly explain, the qualities of the ideal political leader.Before proceeding, you might wish to read the short notes and review the study questions on Machiavelli. Your paper must follow this format:font size 10 or 12 onlyone-inch marginsdouble-spaced page number citations for your quoted evidencenot to exceed one (1) pagename at the top left must have brief introduction and conclusion paragraphs (each not to exceed two sentences)You may consider submitting drafts of your assignment to your instructor for feedback before submitting the assignment for a grade. At times, you may be asked to rewrite your essay before it is graded. This is done for your own benefit and will result in an improved grade. Please take a moment to review Charlie’s History Writing Center for specific information on the writing requirements for the assignments in the course.