analysis project Barbara receives an email from her manager

analysis project Barbara receives an email from her manager asking about the progressof the strategic plan. The manager informs Barbara that UCCO iswanting to implement a new electronic health record (EHR), to improvethe overall process of providing quality patient care; andorganizational challenges. After her discussion, Barbara realizes thatshe would need to complete a situational analysis. By performing asituational analysis, planners can help anticipate and manage change.Understanding the internal and external environment is also critical toan effective strategic plan. For the external environment, plannerslook at opportunities and threats. For the internal environment,planners look at strengths and weaknesses.For this projectassignment on UCCO, complete a minimum of a 1-2 page report and twoSWOT tables to describe key opportunities, threats, strengths, andweaknesses in selecting an electronic record system. Your writtenreport should address the following concepts:Visit the Rasmussenonline Library and search for a minimum of 2 articles covering thetopics of electronic health record implementation. Conduct academic research using the library’s databases, like: CINAHLDiscoveryBusiness Source Complete via EBSCOBusiness via ProQuest Whatis the current economic situation for UCCO? What suggestions canBarbara make to help mitigate financial issues? Use the financialreview provided in the UCCO case. What type of electronicrecord system should Barbara recommend for the company? What is herbest option? What are the financial implications? Explain the choicebased on what the system can provide in comparison to theorganizational challenges?Visit the Internet and search for a minimum of 2 electronic health record systems. Search for types of EHR systems. To complete this assignment, construct twosituational/SWOT analysis tables – one for eachelectronic record system being considered – that contains thefollowing:External influences – opportunities and threats. Internal influences – strengths and weaknesses.Trends that can impact clinic performance, market and financial position EHR System functions and capabilitiesEHR End-user requirements and ease of useRememberto integrate citations accurately and appropriately for all resourcetypes; use attribution (credit) as a method to avoid plagiarism. UseNoodleBib to document your sources and to complete your APA formattedreference page and in-text citations.Transferable Skills for this Project Stage:Digital FluencyCritical Thinking