American urban history.

Book Review: you have to choose one of the book-listed bellow about American urban history. Read the book and be prepared to write a 500-750-word book review, discussing the topic of the book and the author’s perspective. To the extent possible, you should try to weave into your review knowledge that you have gained from other readings and discussions from this class.about American urban history.

Course Bibliography

Note: This is by no means a comprehensive urban history bibliography. It is intended to include some classics and important contemporary works, as well as works related to the topics of race, gender, and class. Further, there are numerous recent books on American cities that are not listed below; you are encouraged to look through the library and bookstores for a book that interests you.

If you have no background in urban history or are especially interested in Portland:

Carl Abbott, Portland in Three Centuries: Its People and Place (2011)
Carl Abbott, Greater Portland: Urban Life and Landscape in the Pacific Northwest (2001)
Carl Abbott, Portland: Planning, Politics, and Growth in a Twentieth-century City (1983)
Gideon Bosker & Lena Lencek, Frozen Music: A History of Portland Architecture (1985)
Jewel Lansing, Portland: People, Politics, and Power, 1851-2001 (2003)
E. Kimbark MacColl, The Growth of a City: Power and Politics in Portland, Oregon , 1915-1950 (1976)
E. Kimbark MacColl, The Shaping of a City: Business and Politics in Portland, Oregon 1885-1915 (1976)
Bart King, An Architectural Guidebook to Portland (2001)
O’Donnell, Terence, and Vaughan, Thomas, Portland: An Historical Sketch (1975)
Connie Ozawa, Editor, The Portland Edge: Challenges and Successes in Growing Communities (2004)
Portland author Eugene Snyder has written several books on early Portland.
Craig Wollner, The City Builders: One Hundred Years of Union Carpentry in Portland, Oregon (1990)
Craig Wollner, Electrifying Eden: Portland General Electric, 1889-1965 (1990)

The following books are divided into rough chronological order (some overlap)

To 1900

Gunther Barth, City People: The Rise of Modern City Culture in Nineteenth Century America (1979)
Thomas Bender, Community & Social Change in America (1978)
Barbara Berg, The Remembered Gate: Origins of American Feminism — The Woman and the City, 1800-1860 (1978)
Ira Berlin and Ronald Hoffman, eds., Slavery and Freedom in the Age of the American Revolution (1983)
Henry Binford, The First Suburbs: Residential Communities on the Boston Periphery, 1815-1860 (1985)
Nancy Cott, The Bonds of Womanhood: ‘Women’s Sphere’ in New England, 1780-1835 (1971)
Paul Gilje, The Road to Mobocracy: Popular Disorder in New York City, 1763-1834 (1987)
Michael B. Katz, Micheal J. Doucet, and Mark J. Stern, The social organization of early industrial capitalism (1982)
Lewis Mumford, Roots of Contemporary American Architecture (1952)
Gary B. Nash, Red, White, and Black: The Peoples of Early America (1982)
Gary B. Nash, The Urban Crucible: Social Change, Political Consciousness and the Origins of the American Revolution (1979)
William D. Piersen, Black Yankees: The Development of an Afro-American Subculture in Eighteenth Century New England (1983)
John Reps, Town Planning in Frontier America (1969)
Moses Rischin, The Promised City: New York’s Jews 1870-1914 (1963)
David R. Roediger, The Wages of Whiteness: Race and the Making of the American Working Class (1991)
Alexander Saxton, The Rise and Fall of the White Republic: Class Politics and Mass Culture in Nineteenth Century America (1990)
Christine Stansell, City of Women: The Female Laboring Poor in New York City, 1789-1860 (1986)
Graham Taylor, Satellite Cities, a Study of Industrial Suburbs (1915, reprint 1970)
Jon C. Teaford, The Unheralded Triumph: City Government in America, 1870-1900 (1984)
Laura Thatcher Ulrich, Good Wives: Images and Reality in the Lives of Women in Northern New England, 1650-1750 (1982)
James E. Vance, Jr., This Scene of Man: The Role and Structure of the City in the Geography of Western Civilization (1977)
Richard C. Wade, The Urban Frontier: 1790-1830 (1957)
Sam Bass Warner, Streetcar Suburbs: The Process of Change in Boston, 1870-1900 (1962)
Sam Bass Warner, Jr., The Urban Wilderness: A History of the American City (1972)
Shane White, Somewhat more independent: The End of Slavery in New York City, 1770-1810 (1991)
Sean Wilentz, Chants democratic: New York City and the Rise of the American Working Class (1984)


Jane Addams, Twenty Years at Hull House (1910)
Pau Barrett, The Automobile and Urban Transit: The Formation of Public Policy in Chicago, 1900-1930 (1983)
Richard C. Berner, Seattle 1900-1920: From Boomtown, Urban Turbulence, to Restoration (1991)
John Bodnar, Roger Simon & Michael P. Weber, Lives of Their Own: Blacks, Italians. and Poles in Pittsburgh, 1870-1940 (1977)
Mari Jo Buhle, Women and American Socialism, 1870-1920 (1981)
Alexander B. Callow, Jr., The Tweed Ring (1966)
Charles W. Cheape, Moving the Masses: Urban Public Transit in New York, Boston. and Philadelphia, 1880-1912 (1980)
Michael H. Ebner, Creating Chicago’s North Shore: A Suburban History (Chicago, 1988)
Michael H. Ebner and Eugene Tobin, eds., The Age of Urban Reform: New Perspectives on the Progressive Era (1977)
Mathew Edel, Elliot D. Sclar, and Daniel Luria, Shakey Palaces: Home Ownership and Social Mobility in Boston’s Suburbanization (1984)
Robert Fishman, Bourgeois Utopias: The Rise and Fall of Suburbia (1987)
Robert Fogelson, The Fragmented Metropolis: Los Angeles (1977)
Richard E. Fogelsong, Planning the Capitalist City: The Colonial Era to 1920 (1986)
Timothy J. Gilfolyle, City of Eros: New York City, Prostitution, and the Commercialization of Sex, 1790-1920 (1992)
John Higham, Strangers in the Land: Patterns of American Nativism 1860-1925 (1963)
William Issel and Robert Cherny, San Francisco, 1865-1932: Politics, power, and Urban Development (1986)
Richard W. Judd, Socialist Cities: Municipal Politics and the Grass Roots of American Socialism (1989)
Roy Lubove, The Progressive and the Slums: Tenement House Reform in New York City 1890-1917 (1962)
Eric H. Monkkonen, Police in Urban America, 1860-1920 (1981)
Gilbert Osofsky, Harlem: The Making of a Ghetto; Negro New York, 1890-1930 (1966)
William L. Riordon, Plunkeet of Tammany Hall (1963)
Mel Scott, American City Planning Since 1890 (1971)
Alan Spear, Black Chicago: The Making of a Negro Ghetto (1967)
Joel Tarr, Transportation Innovation and Changing Spatial Patterns: Pittsburgh, 1850-1910 (1972)
William H. Wilson, The City Beautiful Movement (1989)
Gwendolyn Wright, Building the Dream: A Social History of Housing in America (1981)


Carl Abbott, Urban American in the Modern Age, 1920 to the Present (1987)
Joseph Barton, Peasants and Strangers: Italians, Romanians, and Slovaks in an American City, 1900-1950 (1975)
Ronald H. Bayor, Neighbors in Conflict: The Irish, Germans, Jews, and Italians of New York City, 1929-1941 (1979)
Susan P. Benson, Counter Cultures: Saleswomen, Managers, and Customers in American Department Stores, 1890-1940 (1986)
M. Christine Boyer, Dreaming the Rationale City: The Myth of American City Planning (1983)
Robert A. Caro, The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York (1974)
Galen Cranz, The Politics of Park Design: A History of Urban Parks in America (1982)
Ronald Edsforth, Class Conflict and Cultural Consensus: The Making of a Mass Consumer Society in Flint, Michigan
Lewis A. Erenberg, Steppin’ Out: New York Nightlife and the Transformation of American Culture (1981)
Mark Foster, From Streetcar to Superhighway: American City Planners and Urban Transportation, 1900-1940 (1981)
Kenneth T. Jackson, The Ku KIux Klan in the City, 1915-1930 (1967)
Kenneth T. Jackson, Crabgrass Frontier: Suburbanization of the United States (1985)
Ira Katznelson, City Trenches: Urban Politics and the Patterning of Class in the United States (1981)
Joanne Meyerowitz, Women Adrift: Independent Wage Earners in Chicago, 1880-1930 (1988)
William D. Miller, Harsh and Dreadful Love: Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker Movement (1973)
William H. Mullins, The Depression and the urban West Coast, 1920-1933: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland (1991)
Harold L. Platt, The Electric City: Energy and the Growth of the Chicago Area, 1880-1930 (1991)
Judith E. Smith, Family Connections: A History of Italian and Jewish Immigrant Lives in Providence, Rhode Island,
1900-1940 (1985)
John Stack, International Conflict in an American city: Boston’s Irish, Italians and Jews, 1935-1944 (1970)
Clarence Stein, Toward New Towns for America (1957)
Sam Bass Warner, The Private City: Philadelphia in Three Periods of its Growth (Revised ed., 1987)

1940 to the present

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Carl Abbott, The New Urban America: Growth and Politics in Sunbelt Cities (1981)
Michael Bernick, Urban Illusions: New Approaches to Inner City Unemployment (1987)
John C. Bollens & Henry J. Schmandt, The Metropolis: People, Politics, and Economic Life (4th ed., 1982)
Ruth Schwartz Cowan, More Work for Mother: The Ironies of Household Technology from the Open Hearth to the Microwave (1983)
Roger Daniels, Asian Americans: Chinese and Japanese in the United States since 1850 (1988)
Mike Davis, City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles (1990)
John D’Emilio, Sexual Politics, Sexual Communities: The Making of a Homosexual Subculture in the United States, 1945-1970 (1983)
Bernard J. Frieden & Lynne B. Sagalyn, Downtown. Inc.: How America Rebuilds Cities (1990)
Susan S. Fainstein, Norman I. Fainstein, Richard Child Hill, Dennis R. Judd, and Michael Peter Smith, Restructuring the City (1986)
Robert Fisher, Let the People Decide: Neighborhood Organizing in America (1984)
Robert Fogelson, Violence as Protest: A Study of Riots and Ghettos (1971)
Joel Garreau, Edge City: Life on the New Frontier (1991)
Mark I. Gelfand, A Nation of Cities: The Federal Government and Urban America, 1933-1965 (1975)
Paul & Percival Goodman, Communitas: Means of Livelihood and Ways of Life (1947)
Michael Harrington, The Other America: Poverty in the United States (1962)
Dolores Hayden, Redesigning the American dream: The Future of Housing. Work and Family Life (1984)
John Herbers, The New Heartland: America’s Flight Beyond the Suburbs and How it is Changing Our Future (1988)
Ruth Horowitz, Honor and the American Dream: Culture and Identity in a Chicano Community (1983)
Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American cities (1961)
Jane Jacobs, Cities and the Wealth of Nations (1984)
Ira Katznelson, City Trenches: Urban Politics and the Patterning of Class Conflict (1981)
John Mollenkpf, The Contested City (1983)
Frances Fox Piven and Richard Cloward, Poor People’s Movements: Why They Succeed and How They Fail (1979)
Frances Fox Piven and Richard Cloward, Regulating the Poor: The Function of Public Welfare (1971)
Elizabeth H. Pleck, Black Migration and Poverty in Boston (1979)
Roger Lotchin, ed., The Martial Metropolis: American Cities in War and Peace (1984)
Vicki L. Ruiz, Cannery Women, Canner Lives: Mexican Women, Unionization, and the California Food Proceeding Industry, 1930-1950 (1987)
Mark Rose, Interstate: Express Highway Politics,1941-1956
Allen J. Scott, Metropolis: From the Division of Labor to Urban Form (1986)
Neil Smith & Peter Williams, Gentrification of the City (1986)
Jon C. Teaford, City and Suburb: The Political Fragmentation of Modern America 1850-1970 (1979)
Jon C. Teaford, The Rough Road to Renaissance: Urban Revitalization in America, 1940-1985 (1990)
Stephen Thernstrom, The Other Bostonians: Poverty and Progress in an American Metropolis, 1880-1970 (1970)
Seymour Toll, Zoned America (1969)


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