Although there is a minimum word count of 2500 words for thi

Although there is a minimum word count of 2500 words for this essay, you will find that it is likely going to require more than the minimum to fully answer the question. You must list all of your sources (at least five) in a References section at the end of the essay. You may not copy or quote from any source.Lower Chordates Describe the evolution of the chordate body plan that supported swimming from tunicates through Branchiostoma to fishes. Include in your answera. descriptions of the five defining characteristics of chordates, highlighting those that contribute to locomotion,b. a description of the structures and functions of lateral lines in fishes in general,c. the specialized functions of lateral lines in weakly electric fish. Include in your description, the structure and function of neuromasts and electrogenic organs and the role that they play in fishes of murky waters,d. the migratory paths of American Eels and Pacific Salmon and their synchrony with ocean and freshwater currents.Immediately following the essay, two lines below the last line of your essay, list all sources used in writing your essay to answer the question. Do not use in-text citations and do not use footnotes.