Assignment Sheet

Assignment Name: Assignment #3 – Individual Formal Business Report –
Topic: An Organization I Would Like To Work For?

Full Business Report
Course: BUS. 1501
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Due Date: Full Business Report: (March 5, 2015)

Learning Outcomes
To gain experience creating a formal report, including using proper APA format
To understand the structure of formal business reports;
To apply concept of you-attitude in a business context
To use effective research methodologies.
To understand more about researching and analyzing organizations in your chosen field.
You will research and prepare a formal business report on an organization that you think you would like to work for when you graduate. In your own words, include:

Background: (no more than 1 page of text)
⦁ A brief history of the organization, its mission, products, services
⦁ Basic information such as its industry, market share, competitive position, employee mix
⦁ 1 – 2 key challenges it faces and how it plans to meet those challenges

Analysis: (2 – 3 pages) click here for more information on this paper
⦁ Why did you choose this organization initially?
⦁ Based on your research, what is your sense of its mission, values and “culture” now? (Using the questions on page29 and Module 24 in the Textbook, indicate the basis for your analysis. Important – think critically – go beyond what the organization says about itself)
⦁ Having done this research, do you still think it is an organization you would like to work for when you graduate? Make a recommendation, explaining your reasons.
⦁ Include at least two “visuals”
⦁ Identify three key questions that you would ask the interviewer(s) in this organization if you had an interview there. Explain why you chose these questions.

⦁ Your paper must contain all parts of a formal business report (see sample pg. 288 – 296): cover page, letter of transmittal, executive summary, table of contents/list of illustrations, introduction, report body, conclusion (recommendation), appendices, annotated references page). The main portion of your report should be 2 -3 pages of text and must include illustrations, charts, etc as necessary
⦁ The References page must have at least seven sources cited, using APA format. (see Humber Library website for help) You also MUST include in-text citations using APA format.
Papers must be submitted to Turnitin before submitting a hardcopy to the instructor at the beginning of class on the due date. See instructions attached.

Tips And Hints
Start early so you have time to gather your information and prepare at least two drafts. Make sure you keep track of all materials researched, including websites, as you do your research so you can properly cite it. click here for more information on this paper
Modules 14 – 19, 24, pages 28 – 30 of the Textbook. For a terrific resource for APA citations, go to Humber Library website http://library.humber.ca/ (See “APA in Minutes”).


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