3 Discussion Questions

Discussion 1.1: Adam Smith, Capitalism and Industrialization
The Capitalist Ethic and Mass Production
Adam Smith believed that mass-production, and the mechanized production of goods was a “rational” and “more efficient” form of production.  Your book talks about a “revolution in transportation and communication.”  What does that mean?   What does your book mean by the phrase “The First Age of Globalization”?

Discussion 1.2: Economics of the Industrial Age
Capitalism and Communism
This is a two-part question.  From your text, answer: 1) What is Capitalism? and 2) According to Karl Marx, why is Capitalism “doomed to fail”?

Discussion 1.3: Darwin and Imperialism
Geography and Race
In your opinion, how did the ideas of Charles Darwin (“evolution” and “survival of the fittest”) lead to European Imperialism in the 19th Century?  How did these ideas lead to World War One?