250-500 words in length on each discussion topic AND respond

250-500 words in length on each discussion topic AND respond to the other students’ posts. I have copied their text below. It does not have to be as long as the discussions, but please respond it include your opinions and just write as much as possible.Discussion1: Theories of DevianceChoose an example of crime or deviance in the news (make sure to cite your news source or provide a link to the article). Then, explain which theory of deviance you feel best describes this example.Response 1: On usnews.com, there was an interesting article concerning a couple in Arkansas accused of recording sexual acts in public. The article, https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/arkansas/articles/2017-07-15/arkansas-couple-accused-for-recording-sex-acts-in-public (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., informs that the woman was the one committing the sexual acts while the man was the one recording her sexual interactions. I believe that the theory of deviance that best describes this example is functionalism. The make up of society, the people, is considered functional when and if they contribute to the stabilization of society. Although in this case, the couple in Arkansas disturbs or disrupts social stability through the violation of the law and social deviance. Committing sexual acts or recording public sex acts are seen as deviant behavior because of informal social sanctions and of formal social sanctions. Informal social sanctions, according to our textbook, are the unspoken rules and expectations of the behavior of individuals. On the other hand, formal social sanctions are the laws that prohibit ‘bad’ behavior such as public sex, rape, homicide, or theft.Discussion2 : Most people would view crime as a negative thing for society. Explain Durkheim’s theory. Provide examples and illustrations from the text. Then, provide a real-life example of how crime benefits society according to the ideas contained in Durkheim’s article.Response 2: Durkheim believes that both moral and deviance is key to maintaining a proper society and that both of these balances each other out. It’s almost inevitable that crime will exist in society although it may be at a different level and form than a certain era or society compared to now. He mentions “Even supposing that this condition could effectively be fulfilled, crime would not thereby disappear; it would merely change in form, for the very cause which made the well-springs of criminality to dry up would immediately open up new ones” (Durkheim 2) Although crime is always there, it’s the key to keeping a society progressive. For example, Conley mentions, “that according to Durkheim, acceptable norms and punishment were completely different from pre modern society to today’s society,” (193). For example, premodern society practiced brutal rituals that involved the whole community to punish the murderer, thefts, and liars, whereas now, the most common forms of punishment and rehabilitation is prison time and rehab facilities. Take the rape culture for example, although this form of crime is somehow very common and well discussed and publicized more than ever, there are still many efforts and attempts to bring awareness to the reality of this dilemma. School are implementing discussions to encourage the topic of consent and where the boundaries are met. Rape is very common in India, and fortunately forcechange.com is making efforts to levy against the crime by increasing action towards “anti-rape laws in India to include more than just vaginal rape.”———————————————————–MeteorologyDiscussions:(Please write 2 discussions follow the instruction below, at least 250 words )For credit each week, you will be graded on participating in a ‘Discussions’ forum where you will start threads and/or reply to discussions already started. Your discussion choices can be related to anything focused on Earth Science. Examples of the most popular post types are:Current happenings in the news;A documentary watched;A topic brought up in lectureYou can discuss anything you wish to discuss, so long as the topics you choose are focused on the earth sciences, and not the biological sciences. Pure biological science posts, including marine biology, are considered off-topic unless the focus of the post is still Earth Sciences. A good rule of thumb is if you are tempted to title your discussion something regarding a life form, it’s probably not going to get credit for you in the discussion. However, you can always check with me before posting if you want to make sure your new topic will count for credit.AND respond to the other students’ posts. I have copied the text below. Please respond it include your opinions and write as much as possible. at least 150 wordsResponse 1: We always discuss something that how we cause the pollution to the air or water. What if we use some energy that will never run out and it won’t cause the pollution? Renewable energy is an energy that won’t use up. For example, wind power, solar energy and hydropower. I think we should develop more renewable energy because one day we will use up all non-renewable energy. Furthermore, the reason to use renewable energy is because it will produce less pollution and protect the environment. Therefore, people do not need to find some solutions for problems. There are some facts we should know. For example, If you could harness the energy from all the sunlight that falls on the Earth in one hour, you would have enough energy to supply the world for a year. Also, a single large wind turbine used instead of burning coal can prevent the emission of 5000 tons of carbon dioxide each year. How important are those facts we should know! Response 2: The Earth’s surface is covered in two thirds water. Our human population is increasing over time and that makes the demand for water higher. But human activity is contaminating our water and it decreases the quality of the water. Around the 19th century, people took more cautions in our environment and learned to take better care of it. But over time as the human population increased, they started to care less and less. Water pollution has started to become more and more serious. Many different substances have contaminated the water affecting the organisms that live in it. Not only does it affect the marine animals, it also affects us humans. Many people enjoy eating seafood and if the water is not clean, we end up eating the toxic chemicals. Besides toxic chemicals, the ocean is also contaminated by the litter we humans throw in the ocean. Those people treat the ocean like a trash can and are careless by the harm they cause to the environment.Fortunately, there are ways to put a stop to this issue. We could address the problem to people through ads and educate kids so they could tell their parents. The government could also enforce laws to govern the oceans. Right now, there are a few laws to protect the ocean by its not enough. The laws need to be stricter so people will actually pay attention to them. Unfortunately, it will take a while before these actions will actually make an impact. But it’s better to do something than nothing. If we work together to raise awareness, we could change the future little by little.