1. Please read Book One ofthe Meditations of Roman Emperor a

1. Please read Book One ofthe Meditations of Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius.Then write a concise statement of gratitude (400 words or less)identifying the ethical and intellectual debts you owe to familymembers, teachers, or friends. Fictitious names are permitted, but thestatement of gratitude should be genuine. 2. First, pleaseconsider this list of failures and successes in the life of AbrahamLincoln. We’re suggesting that one of Lincoln’s greatest attributes washis ability to recover and learn from failure. The quality ofperseverance seemed especially useful to Lincoln as he struggled with’melancholy’ (what might now be called depression) Please read thisrelated article by Joshua Wolf Shenk. For Lincoln, learninghow to persevere also meant learning how to adapt. Based on your readingof Shenk’s article, please identify three of Lincoln’s most successfuladaptation strategies (skills, habits, or ways of thinking) that helpedhim use his struggle with depression to accomplish worthy goals. 3.The Declaration of Independence refers to the ”pursuit of happiness.”Should the word ”pleasure” be substituted for ”happiness”? Why/whynot? Explain your answer.