1 – page graphic organizationalAssignment DescriptionOvervie

1 – page graphic organizationalAssignment DescriptionOverview : Thisactivity will allow you to create a graphic organizer, which is animportant skill in the field of operations management. Prompt: Create agraphic organizer that presents different types of production systemsand their uses and purposes when considering risks. Your graphicorganizer should be related to the type of organization selected foryour final project (for example, service or manufacturing). Include therisks involvedfor internal and external stakeholders within the organization that youselected. The following critical elements must be addressed:I. Present types of production systemsrelated to the organization selected for the final project.II. Describe risks involved for internal stakeholderswithin the organization selected for the final project.III. Describe risks involved for external stakeholderswithin the organization selected for the final project.Guidelines for Submission : Your 1-page graphic organizer should adhereto the following formatting requirements:Use a free online graphic organizer tool, such as Creately,Popplet Lite, or Bubbl.us, to create this assignment,and submit your graphic organizer as a PDF, JPG, PPT, or DOCReference StyleDeadlineApril 30th, 2017 8:00PMApr 30, 09:05Possible to have this back by 8:00PM Mountain Time?